Fly Fishing II
" Every day of fly-fishing, adds another day to your life."
"A life spent fishing is never wasted."
" Some people go to church and think of fly-fishing;
some people go fly-fishing and think of God."
"High Priest"
of fly-fishing
"In Life. . . how you live your life is your choice.  The first thing you don't want
said at your funeral is. . .   The Poor SOB Should've Fished More!!"
"I don't know why we fly fish other than it makes  us think and feel."

 "Nothing perfect lasts forever. . .except in our memories."

  "The difference between a successful person and others. . .
                            not a lack of knowledge or strength, but a lack of will."

  "Death leaves a heartache no one can heal. . .
                                         Life leaves a memory no one can steal."  

  "If your friends don't fly-fish. . . get new friends!"